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In my line of work, keeping up appearances is just as important as first impressions. As a young professional, I must say the work life has taken a toll on me already. The amount of coffee I consume has gone up exponentially with all those early morning meetings and post-work gym sessions, which has a rather unfortunate effect on the teeth. I always thought teeth whitening was tedious & time-consuming. I partnered with Smile Brilliant who has provided me with a complimentary teeth whitening kit to show you how to incorporate teeth whitening into your busy schedule. Of course all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Read on to see how I whiten my teeth & follow me around at work (kind of)!

The Teeth Whitening Process in 3 Steps

A unique thing about Smile Brilliant’s kit is making the molds for your teeth. This was actually the first time I used a teeth whitening kit that made customized trays. You make the mold yourself with the clay that is provided in the kit & bite into it to get the impressions from your teeth then mail those molds in. It didn’t take very long to get my trays made once I sent my molds in. They fit like a glove for your teeth! Also if you are interested in this product, I have entered giveaway details at the bottom of the post!

I have included links to this amazing trays here.

Professional teeth whitening at home

Here are 3 easy steps to using Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening kit once you get the custom trays:

Step 1: Brush your teeth with just water to ensure nothing gets in between your teeth and the gel. The gels comes in syringes so it’s easy to control the amount of gel you are putting into the tray. After I secure the trays w/ whitening gel in place its time to catch up on my TV shows or read for about an hour or more!

Custom-Fitted Teeth Whitening Trays

Step 2: I like to take the trays off and rinse with water before applying the desensitizing gel. After patting the trays dry, apply the gel the same way as before. I leave it on for about 20-25 minutes, and this gel makes a complete difference in how your teeth feel after whitening. My gums get sensitive and I would NOT skip this step even if you don’t have sensitive teeth/gums.

Step 3: Take trays off, brush teeth like normal, and smile!

Within 3 days of using the kit, the results are very noticeable and removed all coffee stains on my teeth. Even though I leave the trays on for over an hour, it doesn’t feel like it since I am able to multi-task with the trays on. I find whitening your teeth at night is the best, because you can pop them in after dinner and relax until bedtime.


After – no more coffee stains

How to Whiten Sensitive Teeth

Now it is time to put that smile to use! I wanted to include some of my work week looks in today’s post along with my brighter smile.

Work Week Chic

I have a very client-based role in finance so there are a lot of client meetings hence the importance to keep up appearances. Constantly smiling is kind of mandatory so I am already covered there (thanks Smile Brilliant!), but wardrobe is a different story. How does a fashion blogger like myself dress in a very traditional work environment with conservative values?

Lemme show ya –

Casual: Business casual, as with most offices, is the default dress code especially when I am looking at a day filled with paperwork and excel spreadsheets. Usually I like to look smart & could never go wrong with trousers, a blouse, and a jacket or blazer. If it’s during the summer time, I’ll switch the blazer to a cardigan or wear a skirt instead of trousers. Also I keep accessories to a minimum and usually wear a simple necklace.

Formal: As my dad would always say to me after something good happens “now we talkin’ business!” Meetings with clients or partners call for a business formal look. A tasteful jacket & heels are a complete must here. It’s important to get those good first impressions, especially when representing your company. Just so I’m not too stiff looking, I like to add a little hint of color. This tweed jacket has a little bit of blue which adds color without looking too busy.

Dressy: I think this look is somewhere between business casual and business formal. It’s still acceptable as an everyday look in the office but with a bit more pizzazz. This is how I like to dress on Fridays especially if I have an after-work date or I know I will be catching that happy hour! You can’t go wrong with a fun but modest dress paired with a cardigan.

So there you have it! 3 work-ready looks if you work in an office with a dress code & how to maintain a shining smile.


I have partnered with Smile Brilliant in this exclusive giveaway to win one of their Teeth Whitening Kits ($139 Value) open to anyone in USA, UK, Canada, & Australia! All you have to do is enter here and fill out your name and email. Also, you can use my code ‘byarose20’ for $20 off!

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How Much Is Teeth Whitening

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