The Leather Backpack Handbag

I am loving the trends of 2017 so far, especially the backpack handbag. The backpack handbag, although kind of a contradictory term, has taken backpacks to a more fashionable level. It is the perfect functional but trendy accessory. I purchased this particular backpack for a work conference because it was the perfect size to carry materials in and it worked well with my business casual outfits. For today’s particular look, wearing a backpack again made me feel nostalgic so I was inspired to do a ‘back-to-school’ look.

Pale Pink Backpack

The color of this bag caught my eye and is perfect for the upcoming Spring season. I actually packed an extra pair of shoes in these pictures as well as my usual belongings and there was still a lot of space left in the bag. One of my favorite things about this bag is that it looks like your standard handbag as well if you want to wear it that way. This particular bag was bought from JustFab.

Sheer White Top

The top is also one of my favorite parts of this look.  This top was purchased from Reckless Girls and added a nice feminine touch with it’s lace hem and sheer lace. I actually don’t have much white in my closet but I think the color is starting to grow on me. Also featured in this outfit is my favorite black skirt from Lily Pulitzer and high-rise ankle boots from Fashion Nova. The heels of these boots are actually tortoise-shell, which I thought was a nice added detail.


I really cannot wait for spring time. The spring season is my favorite as far as fashion goes. I am more of a dress/skirt type of girl if you couldn’t tell! I know February is going to fly by faster than January. Until then, I will be making good use of my new backpack!

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