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Wandering Around City Hall

It has been undoubtedly busy these past few weeks. When having a schedule that revolves around the work week, sometimes it can seem like you are living weekend to weekend. Of course, I try not to think that way, and would have to say it is important to enjoy or find a moment to unwind each day whether it is a Monday or a Saturday. I was inspired by the work week to put together a “business chic” look and visited Pasadena’s City Hall.


City Hall Look

Today, I threw together a look that is both business and fun by choosing colors I would usually wear to the office, but using pieces I would wear if I were to go out for drinks. This look takes the term ‘business casual’ quite literally by mixing a casual piece with a business one (but of course does not comply with the actual standards of business casual attire). The trousers are the main focus of today’s look, but can be played up especially with a crop top. I actually prefer wearing pants over skirts, but I am pretty particular when it comes to fit and good pants are hard to find.


The basic black suede pumps for today’s look are shoes I wear to the office and thought they added that small professional touch. When working in an office that requires business formal attire, my closet consists of half work clothes and half ‘weekend’ clothes. But there are plenty of stores that sell clothes that are appropriate to work and for going out such as H&M, Mango, Zara, Loft, ShopRuche, ModCloth, ASOS, to name a few.


Til next time,


Top – Laura’s Boutique; Trousers – Missguided; Pumps – H&M; Purse – DKNY

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