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I love a good scary story. Growing up, I loved watching scary movies and hearing ghost stores. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a superstitious household or just find it simply entertaining. The pictures were taken  in a park located underneath what is called the ‘Suicide Bridge’, which is presumed to be haunted. The name of the bridge is pretty self-explanatory, and is quite a popular urban legend. The park is widely used as a running/biking trail so we were not completely alone, at first. Although, once the sun began setting, it did get eerily quiet and at one point there was no one running on the path anymore. Also, there was a slight feeling of being watched, since the only sounds came from the rustling and cracking of dried leaves and branches.


Let’s move on to less creepy things (as you can see I was clearly inspired today). I paired a white peasant top with a black sherpa vest and black jeans giving off a slight hippie/witch vibe. The detail on the top is gorgeous and adds sort of a delicate element. The intricate lace detail added with the bell sleeve is what gives it that 70’s look with a witch-y flair. The black vest is actually really soft and the material has a little bit of shine to it, making it look a bit like leather. Also, the vest surely kept me warm as it got somewhat chilly.


 The sun is starting to set much earlier nowadays and I do not recall seeing any lights in the park whatsoever. As much as I wanted to linger in the park longer, it was getting a little too dark.. and I was wearing boots that weren’t too practical to walk on a dirt path. Anyway, I did not see a man in wire-rimmed glasses nor did I see a woman in a flowing robe during my little trip here as told by others who’ve reported ghostly sightings. I’ll just stick to the scary movies!


Til next time,


Top – Missguided; Vest – Ecote; Jeans – American Eagle

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