Style Challenge In Snake Print

Today’s look was a bit of a challenge for me. I wanted to choose something in my closet that I never or barely worn and make it a wearable look. This snake print dress has been stashed in my closet after an impulse buy on Missguided. It was one of those times where you buy a dress for no reason, but I decided to make a reason to wear this and not let it be a waste. One of my goals this month is to be creative with what I already own and to purchase less.

The Snake Print Dress

It is pretty apparent this dress is a statement piece by itself. To play on its edginess, I paired it with a leather jacket. However, I added the flats to soften the look just a bit. The point of this look was to make such a bold piece look easy to wear. I have mentioned this before, but I don’t really opt for busy prints, let alone animal prints, which is why it took me a while to finally wear it. Overall, the dress was actually comfortable and can definitely be toned down into an everyday look.

The Challenge

Every few months or so, I make it a goal to clean out my drawers and donate my clothes. I have been doing this since high school and it is sad to see how many clothes go unworn for such a length of time. Whenever I do this it makes me think about what made me buy something in the first place. Doing this actually has helped me become a more conscientious shopper. Look in your closet and find something you bought but have never worn or something you haven’t worn in a while. The challenge is to try styling it in a way that will make it feel new again. It’s not all about what is worn, but about how it’s worn.

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Dress – Missguided

Jacket – Forever 21

Shoes – New Look

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