Beginning the Year in Wine Red & Resolution Words

There is always a bittersweet feeling when the holiday season is over and we begin to put away the lights and ornaments, but the start of the New Year is always exciting and motivating. I can honestly say 2016 was personally a good year. I traveled more, had a productive work year, spent more time with family and friends, kept up a fitness schedule, and started my website.

2016 was all about doing as much as I possibly could but also staying positive. Mid-year I felt like I hit a slump and that I was not doing enough. That was when I decided to do something I always wanted, which was to start a fashion & lifestyle blog. It was not an easy journey, and it is still not easy, but I cannot be any happier with where I am now. With that said, please read on about my first outfit post of 2017 as well as some of the resolutions I made!

Wine Red Knit Top

I am starting the New Year off wearing my favorite color, wine red. I found this adorable top while shopping at a local boutique, Vidorra. The brand of this top is En Creme. This top is really unique but I managed to find something of the same nature here as they do not have this on the store website. The knit detail and the fringed hem definitely caught my eye. I was not sure at first how to layer this piece but as you can see I decided to not layer at all. I actually think this helps the color of the top stand out better and the see-through look definitely has been making a comeback.

More on the Look

The lip color I have on matches perfectly with the top. I actually did a review on this lip color from Colourpop a month or so ago and it still amazes me. It is amazing how this lipstick stayed on all day even between meals! The rest of the look consists of my favorite pair of black mid-rise jeans from American Eagle and a pair of booties from Fashion Nova. Thanks to the fun wine colored top, this outfit was the perfect casual chic look to start the year.

2017 Resolution Words

One thing I noticed more people doing is having a resolution word rather than a phrase. So here are three words I would like to live by this year: Thrive, Experience, Create.

Thrive – I hope to grow in all aspects this year. Whether it’s at my job, expanding my blog, or simply improving a skill set, I want to learn and accomplish as much as I possibly can. 2016 was productive, but I know I can get a lot more done this year!

Experience – One thing many people set out to do is to travel more. Not only do I want to travel more, but I would like to try new things as well. It would be an even greater experience to do an activity that I have not tried before like… I don’t know.. trekking the ocean floor on the US Virgin Islands 😉 ?

Create – I definitely would love to produce content more consistently. In doing so, I hope to also be creating more opportunities for myself. Throughout the day I wear several hats, a lot of them are serious hats, but underneath it all I am a creative spirit. This resolution word revolves around tapping into that side this year and continuing to challenge myself creatively.

I hope that was a little inspiring or at least got you thinking of some words you would like to live by this year, or even forever. A few people think making these kinds of resolutions are silly, but I think it’s a good way to set the tone for the year. Here’s to a bright, happy New Year to everyone!

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