Arts District Adventure

A Day in LA’s Arts District

The Arts District of Los Angeles is definitely a go-to spot for me whether it’s hanging out with friends, getting drinks, or date night.  Arts District provides a plethora of specialty food restaurants, unique boutiques, and great coffee shops, amidst a former industrial backdrop of old warehouses and wall art around every corner. A lot of the warehouses were old factories and many of them are being re-purposed. Today, I wanted to focus on the flavors of the Arts District and stopped by some new and some well known spots to eat and snack. So, I put my little red boots on and headed to the first stop of the day, which of course has to involve coffee.


The Pie Hole

The first stop is The Pie Hole, where I got an iced vanilla latte (not pictured), a breakfast hand pie, and a slice of the popular earl grey pie. The breakfast hand pie was served warm and filled with egg and a little bit of cheese. It was the perfect savory snack for the beginning of the day. We ordered a slice of the earl grey so we can try one of the sweet options. At first the flavor didn’t appeal to me, but the server mentioned the filling was made with white chocolate and there was a thin layer of chocolate on the crust, and I was sold. The pie was not overly sweet and the earl grey was not overpowering, which I was afraid of. The white chocolate does a nice job of undercutting the strong earl grey flavor, and the thin chocolate layer was a nice surprise. I can definitely see why this is the most popular flavor!

artsdisrict1015-9 artsdisrict1015-8

After eating our first snack, we headed over to a flea market to check out local produce and vintage/thrift clothing booths. The day was getting warmer, and after walking around for an hour, it was time for lunch! It was a little bit of a walk to get to the restaurant but we got to admire the street art on the way.

Art of Arts District


The Chairman

For lunch, I tried some asian fusion cuisine at The Chairman. The specialty here would be the steamed buns, which are served like tacos. We tried the pork belly & spicy chicken steamed buns with a side of fat panda fries. The steamed buns were delicious but definitely got pretty messy. The juices from the meat seep through the bun and if left for too long, can make the bun soggy. Both steamed buns also were served with pickled vegetables, which went well with the meat, however could have done with less. The fat panda fries (second pic below) would be something I could see myself sharing with friends after a long night, and were very heavy. It is fries with a creamy sauce and your pick of protein on top with pickled vegetables. Between two of us, we had to take more than half home as leftovers! This was definitely a filling lunch, and so we walked around a little more to burn off a little.

artsdisrict1015-31 artsdisrict1015-29

Van Leeuwen

The perfect ending to any meal is ice cream, at least in my opinion! One of my favorite ice cream stores is actually here in the Arts District, and it is called Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, They also have vegan ice cream options made with coconut, cashews, and cocoa butter. I usually get one of the standard flavors, but I have tried the vegan flavors and honestly, it is just as good. My favorite flavor here is Honeycomb, which is a honey flavored ice cream with pieces of honeycomb in it. It is ridiculously tasty and the pieces of honeycomb add a nice sweet crunch. Unfortunately, they were all out that day! I opted instead for the mint chip, which has to be my second favorite flavor. It was nice and minty, and tasted more refreshing than sweet. The amount of chocolate in it was also a nice balance and I believe they used cacao nibs. Also, by this time of the day, it was getting hot and the ice cream helped cool us down.

artsdisrict1015-25 artsdistrictfoodtour

Today was filled with walking, looking at art, and eating. For more information on things to do around Arts District, check this out. There are a bunch of great restaurants that I could not cover in one day and they all range from casual eateries to more fancier establishments. It’s definitely a unique pocket of LA, which is why I love coming here, and it can feel as if you are walking around a wasteland!

artsdisrict1015-23 artsdisrict1015

My Outfit

For today’s look, I wanted to keep it simple but polished. I kept it basic with the black tights, long cardigan, and a black t-shirt. But, I wanted to play with texture and opted for the scuba leggings and added the pop of color with the red boots. To shop my look, please see the links below!

artsdisrict1015-27 artsdisrict1015-16

Leather Leggings: TopShop, Amazon (in photo), Express

Long Cardigan: Bobeau, Tobi, Vince Camuto

Red Boots: ModCloth, CharlotteRusse, Asos

Until next time,



Cardigan – Edista; Leggings – Amazon; Boots – JustFab

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