Plaid & Pulitzer

Old Town Pasadena

This morning was nice and cool, perfect for a trip to Old Town Pasadena to get some coffee. Regarding the choice of outfit, I wanted to do something different today, maybe just a bit daring by putting together some pieces I don’t really wear. I usually stay away from print, but I saw this plaid top and immediately thought of October. I definitely played with the idea of what October brings, like cooler temps and Halloween! Sidenote: Halloween is my favorite holiday. Back to the top, I thought in the spirit of halloween I would pair it with all black. Also this way, the colors of the top & plaid print really pop out. I actually bought the boots early in the year, but only have worn them twice! Once in Portland and then the other time was for my birthday. But since it’s hot in California from April to now, I stored them away all summer. Okay, time to see what other cold-weather items I have packed away! *More pics if you slide left at the top of the post!


I actually enjoy strolling through places early in the morning before all the hustle and bustle, if I can wake up early enough. I like the peace and quiet that an early Saturday morning offers. Although it’s probably the busiest part of the city, Old Town never actually feels like you are in a ‘city’ but rather a town. My favorite thing about Pasadena is it has a small town charm to it without actually being a small town. There is a little courtyard area of Old Town in front of iPic theaters as captured in the photos. I love coming here at night because they play movies outside and it provides a nice little escape from the main street. During the summer, the olympics was on outside and I just remember everyone stopped to watch and cheered for the track team and for a brief moment there was a nice little sense of community.


Top-silence & noise; Skirt-Lily Pulitzer; Purse-DKNY; Boots-Steve Madden

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