All Wrapped Up

The Wrap Skirt

Hi everyone! I have been eyeing this skirt on Missguided for a while and made the purchase when they were having a huge buy one get one free sale. I was looking for this style for a while. The wrap-up style on dresses and skirts looks good on everyone and is just really flattering. Also, I have been trying to add some color to my closet and this blue really caught my eye. The skirt material is also a sort of satin, which has been a huge trend this fall.


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Fall Makeup ft Colourpop

Colourpop Review

I recently received my shipment from Colourpop and was excited to try the products out. I purchased three products – Eyeshadow, Blush, and Liquid Lipstick. The total amount I spent on all three products came out to $20.72 excluding shipping. There was a free shipping promotion at the time I purchased these, which was awesome! The colors of the products I got all fall under the red-orange-gold side of the color spectrum. The products also appeared much more vibrant in person than on the online pictures on the Colourpop website. The colors of each product actually worked really well together.


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Arts District Adventure

A Day in LA’s Arts District

The Arts District of Los Angeles is definitely a go-to spot for me whether it’s hanging out with friends, getting drinks, or date night.  Arts District provides a plethora of specialty food restaurants, unique boutiques, and great coffee shops, amidst a former industrial backdrop of old warehouses and wall art around every corner. A lot of the warehouses were old factories and many of them are being re-purposed. Today, I wanted to focus on the flavors of the Arts District and stopped by some new and some well known spots to eat and snack. So, I put my little red boots on and headed to the first stop of the day, which of course has to involve coffee.


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City Hall Chic

Wandering Around City Hall

It has been undoubtedly busy these past few weeks. When having a schedule that revolves around the work week, sometimes it can seem like you are living weekend to weekend. Of course, I try not to think that way, and would have to say it is important to enjoy or find a moment to unwind each day whether it is a Monday or a Saturday. I was inspired by the work week to put together a “business chic” look and visited Pasadena’s City Hall.


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Haute Haunt

I love a good scary story. Growing up, I loved watching scary movies and hearing ghost stores. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a superstitious household or just find it simply entertaining. The pictures were taken  in a park located underneath what is called the ‘Suicide Bridge’, which is presumed to be haunted. The name of the bridge is pretty self-explanatory, and is quite a popular urban legend. The park is widely used as a running/biking trail so we were not completely alone, at first. Although, once the sun began setting, it did get eerily quiet and at one point there was no one running on the path anymore. Also, there was a slight feeling of being watched, since the only sounds came from the rustling and cracking of dried leaves and branches.


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Plaid & Pulitzer

Old Town Pasadena

This morning was nice and cool, perfect for a trip to Old Town Pasadena to get some coffee. Regarding the choice of outfit, I wanted to do something different today, maybe just a bit daring by putting together some pieces I don’t really wear. I usually stay away from print, but I saw this plaid top and immediately thought of October. I definitely played with the idea of what October brings, like cooler temps and Halloween! Sidenote: Halloween is my favorite holiday. Back to the top, I thought in the spirit of halloween I would pair it with all black. Also this way, the colors of the top & plaid print really pop out. I actually bought the boots early in the year, but only have worn them twice! Once in Portland and then the other time was for my birthday. But since it’s hot in California from April to now, I stored them away all summer. Okay, time to see what other cold-weather items I have packed away! *More pics if you slide left at the top of the post!


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Outside The Lines

Today, I decided to go for a Fall look, as it is the first weekend of this wonderful season. I did not intend to take pictures at the ArtCenter College of Design, Hillside Campus, and sort of went on a whim after doing some quick shopping in Glendale. The modern design of the main building certainly provides a stark contrast with the campus location in the quiet San Rafael hills of Pasadena. Overlooking the Rose Bowl and just about most of Pasadena, this campus offers dramatic views and is also somewhat isolated. I mostly stayed within the confines of the main building. The campus itself is situated on 165 acres.

dsc_0099 dsc_0095

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